Graphic & UI Design Internship

Designed web and print materials for SoGo Cash Card.

Overview 📝

My internship with Sodexo started from the spring of 2023. I had the opportunity to work as a Graphic & UI Design Intern at SoGo Cash Card, a part of Sodexo's Banking & Treasury department. Sodexo, a global services company headquartered in France, specializes in integrated facilities management and food services across various sectors, emphasizing a commitment to enhancing quality of life and employee well-being.

Throughout this immersive experience, I worked closely with my project manager on diverse projects within the Banking & Treasury department at SoGo Cash Card. These projects include the creation of print-ready gift card designs and client card designs, the development of PowerPoints for our Chief Financial Office (CFO) and other presentations, as well as the design of flyers and marketing materials. Additionally, I designed web banners and created a redesign of our website.


Intern, User Interface, Graphic Design, Market Research


Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma

Internship Duration

In Progress (January 2023 - Present)

Confidentiality Considerations

This portfolio page has been influenced by confidentiality agreements related to non-disclosure agreements (NDA) at Sodexo.

Introduction 👋🏻

This portfolio page showcases key projects from my Sodexo internship. Each section features a project description, visuals, and considerations for confidentiality agreements. Placeholder text like lorem ipsum is used where details are restricted, ensuring a respectful presentation of my contributions.

Website Redesign 🖥️

I've been tasked with redesigning the SoGo Cash Card's website using Figma. It's an iterative process, currently working with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) version of the redesign, where every adjustment brings us closer to the ideal user experience. Below, you'll find images of the current version, so the content you see is subject to change.

This webpage is specifically geared towards graphic design work that I've completed for Sodexo. To view more of the UI work for this website, feel free to click the button to review the redesign process in-depth.

Web Banners 🖼️

Every two weeks, I created and uploaded bilingual web banners for our website. These banners, presented in English and French, were updated seasonally. Below are examples of eight banners: four in English and four in French, reflecting the changing seasons.

PowerPoint Designs 🛝

This section showcases PowerPoint slides I designed. The process involved collaboration, feedback, revisions, and content adjustments tailored to each slide. Due to confidentiality agreements, the slide content has been replaced with lorem ipsum, ensuring adherence to NDAs while presenting the design and layout.

CFO's PowerPoint

I was tasked with designing a PowerPoint presentation for our CFO. Despite being new to the team, I quickly learned the domain and communicated the content effectively. Through multiple iterations, I presented extensive textual and numerical information clearly. Stakeholders appreciated the slide designs and acknowledged their clarity.

SoGo's PowerPoint

Assigned to design a PowerPoint for SoGo Cash Card, I visually presented a flow within the content. Incorporating SoGo's brand colors, I used arrows to indicate direction and movement. Multiple versions were created, and these slides were favored. My manager appreciated the gradient, drop shadows, clean design, and strategic use of icons, making the presentation visually engaging and impactful.

Gift Card Designs 💳

In this section, I showcase two sets of card designs that were approved and printed. These visuals are the final chosen designs. Each card design went through a dynamic process involving multiple versions. This process included extensive collaboration, feedback, and revisions, resulting in the polished final products displayed here.

SoGo's Special Occasion Cards

Tasked with revitalizing special occasion cards, I created four new designs to replace the existing ones. Each card features a lighthearted phrase for various occasions, paired with captivating food photos. I also designed the back of each card, including a magnetic stripe, gift card number, and ensuring print readiness. This approach guarantees aesthetically pleasing and functional, production-ready cards for diverse celebrations.

Original Special Occasion Cards

Original Card Design

New Special Occasion Cards

New Card Design

SubConnection's Gift Cards

I was assigned to create a gift card for SubConnection, known for their sandwiches, wraps, salads, and more. The task involved incorporating their logo, relevant photos, and designing the back of the card. After presenting various designs, the client enthusiastically chose two options instead of one. This led to the production of two distinct gift card designs, showcasing a successful collaboration that exceeded client preferences.

SubConnection Card Designs

Final SubConnection Card Designs

Flyer Designs 📃

Special Occasion Card Flyers

I designed flyers to promote SoGo's new special occasion cards. There are five unique versions tailored for different audiences, available in 16x9, 9x16, 8.5x11, and 5.5x8.5 sizes for maximum visibility. I focused on the cakepop card and also created a flyer featuring all four cards. These designs aim to captivate attention, evoke emotions, and generate interest in these delightful cards, enhancing every occasion.

SoGo Flyers

In this section, I'll discuss my role in designing print materials, including flyers, for SoGo. The task required creating both front and back designs, incorporating provided content, adhering to SoGo's branding, and meeting specific dimensions. Additionally, I created bilingual versions, focusing on French adaptations for materials printed in Canada. This ensured alignment with SoGo's brand and catered to the linguistic and geographical nuances of the audience.

Microsoft Teams Backgrounds 📹

Throughout my internship, I designed a variety of Microsoft Teams backgrounds, each tailored to its corresponding brand aesthetics and purposes. Displayed below are a few examples that showcase the versatility and creativity infused into each design, ensuring that every meeting setting aligns perfectly with its brand identity.

Lessons 🏁

During my time here, I have gained valuable insights into effective communication, learning to interact seamlessly with both designers and non-designers. I've come to appreciate the significance of clear communication not only within the design team but also in conveying design concepts to stakeholders and ensuring that the final product effectively communicates with the target audience. I am grateful for the enriching opportunity at Sodexo, where I honed my skills and gained valuable experience in the dynamic field of graphic and UI design.

Key Takeaways 🔑

I've had a remarkable learning journey so far, providing me with invaluable insights. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Interacting with both designers and non-designers during my internship at Sodexo enhanced my ability to communicate clearly, emphasizing the importance of precise communication in collaborative work.
  • Engaging in iterative design processes allowed me to be more flexible, adapt, and learn how to improve the design for the next iteration.
  • Designing bilingual materials for English and French audiences demonstrated my ability to consider linguistic and cultural nuances, showcasing a thoughtful and inclusive design approach.
  • The redesign of SoGo's website showcased my proficiency in strategic design thinking, involving stakeholder discussions, thorough analysis, and a focus on enhancing user experience.
  • Close collaboration with clients in creating diverse design materials highlighted my commitment to meeting their needs, with positive feedback on the redesign mockup underscoring the paramount importance of client satisfaction in the design process.